Friday, February 26, 2010


Gilda is a spirited (to put it nicely) warrior from the Dhaledan Clan. After a few false starts, she was finally accepted into the Sisterhood - the Dhaledan's caste of women fighters. Tragically, her squad - Hand of the Dusky Maiden - was slaughtered in a grune ambush. She was the only survivor and was taken prisoner. Because of her relatively young age and the loss of her Sisters, she has yet to receive her traditional Dhaledan tattoos. She was rescued, along with the Peryton girl Varli, by Rolan. She is still ashamed of that incident.
Gilda is short and squat, like a miniature tank. She has an abundance of energy which she expends by fighting and working out. She is powerful, sarcastic and has a temper, but is a valuable asset to anyone in a fight. Provided she's on the same side, that is.
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