Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Great Grune #2 Pre-Order!

In a few scant months, con season will be upon us, and that means the April release of GRUNE #2! Since I'm pretty busy these days, I've begun work on the story early to have it in time for back-to-back cons Anime Boston and MoCCA. For the first issue of Grune, I had a very successful fundraiser to cover the printing and shipping costs. This time, I'm going to try a little (similar) experiment with preorders!

Preorders for GRUNE #2 will be $5. This gets you a copy of the issue with a little sketch inside. And, it'll ship ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD! The more preorders I get, the more books I can print. And issue 2 will be nearly double the size of issue 1!

For those who missed it, GRUNE is the story of three wayward travelers who happen upon a near-catatonic beast whom they take prisoner.

Preorder GRUNE #2 below for $5.00 US (includes s&h). It will drop in April.

Grune #2 Pre-Order $5 US

If you missed out on the first issue of GRUNE and would like to preorder #2, now's your chance! And you save money! $7.00 (includes s&h)
Grune #1 and #2 Pre-Order $7US
GRUNE #1 individually is still in stock, along with many other fine comics HERE!

This chance to pre-order and receive a sketch will only be until FEBRUARY 15! Thanks in advance and if you like Grune, tell your friends! Please repost, retweet, re-whatever!

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  1. Can't wait to meet the cast of Grune again! Con season here we come! I've gatta check my paypal funds. If I have the mulla expect some funding cash headed your way.