Sunday, January 24, 2010

Coover and Quenton Pratcho

Hey! Isn't that Coover (from Novasett) and his sister Quenton (from Echidna)? Oh wait. Some of you haven't met Quenton, yet. She gets along well enough with her big brother, but she knows he's a weirdo. And given that he's so smart and went off to the Academy and everything, well... it can be annoying being in someone's shadow.
The sketches above are by Jessica Luong, who will be drawing a story for Novasett #5!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Great Grune #2 Pre-Order!

In a few scant months, con season will be upon us, and that means the April release of GRUNE #2! Since I'm pretty busy these days, I've begun work on the story early to have it in time for back-to-back cons Anime Boston and MoCCA. For the first issue of Grune, I had a very successful fundraiser to cover the printing and shipping costs. This time, I'm going to try a little (similar) experiment with preorders!

Preorders for GRUNE #2 will be $5. This gets you a copy of the issue with a little sketch inside. And, it'll ship ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD! The more preorders I get, the more books I can print. And issue 2 will be nearly double the size of issue 1!

For those who missed it, GRUNE is the story of three wayward travelers who happen upon a near-catatonic beast whom they take prisoner.

Preorder GRUNE #2 below for $5.00 US (includes s&h). It will drop in April.

Grune #2 Pre-Order $5 US

If you missed out on the first issue of GRUNE and would like to preorder #2, now's your chance! And you save money! $7.00 (includes s&h)
Grune #1 and #2 Pre-Order $7US
GRUNE #1 individually is still in stock, along with many other fine comics HERE!

This chance to pre-order and receive a sketch will only be until FEBRUARY 15! Thanks in advance and if you like Grune, tell your friends! Please repost, retweet, re-whatever!

Obligatory Introductory Postery

Hello! My name is Zack Giallongo and I am an artist. I make lots of comics and drawings. Currently, I'm working on my mini-comics series Novasett Island and Grune. I'm also working on a graphic novel called Broxo which will be published by First Second in 2011. In my spare time, I've been lettering some great graphic novels for kids and doing sketch cards for Topps' many card sets, mostly Star Wars. I'm hoping this blog will be a nice place to post my artwork, my upcoming projects, and some general posts about art, design and storytelling. Hope you enjoy it!